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Our Team, Our Values

Five Lakes Agency was created initially in March 2011 to service the very complex requirements of the mortgage collection division of one of the largest banks. Five Lakes’ has since expanded the scope of its services by adding top flight leadership with extensive experience and expertise across the spectrum of consumer debt types in all areas of both first and third party collections and specialty accounts receivable management.

Five Lakes Board of Directors

From the Board of Directors down we have a robust Compliance Management program.

Tom Mason – Chairman: is a 30 year veteran of banking and the accounts receivable management industry. He has held senior executive positions including Chief Operating Officer, Chief Credit and Risk Officer for the INB Bank, the Prudential Banks, and the GMAC Bank (now Ally Bank). He was also Chief Operating Officer, Secretary and Treasurer for TSYS Debt Management (TDM), the accounts receivable management subsidiary of TSYS, which included the National Attorney Network (NAN). Mr. Mason has also served on various committees for Visa, MasterCard, TSYS and Executive Collections Council for Experian. He has also served on the Board of Directors for the Prudential Banks, GMAC Bank, and TDM.

Richard (Rick) Huddleston – Director: brings over 30 years of experience in banking, retail lending, and collections. He has served as a senior executive with Indiana National Bank (now Chase Bank), The Prudential Banks, and CompuCredit. Mr. Huddleston has managed and consulted for several collection agencies and accounts receivable management companies including Risk Management Alternatives, APAC, Aegis, and Credit Control Concepts. He has also served on numerous Visa and American Bankers Association committees.   Mr. Huddleston consulted and worked for numerous Collection Agencies. Mr. Huddleston has also served on the Board of Directors for the Prudential Banks, CompuCredit, and the State Bank of Georgia. At present, he is a Board Member for the Better Business Bureau of Atlanta and Private Bank of Buckhead in addition to Five Lakes Agency, Inc. and Five Lakes Holding Company, Inc.

Five Lakes Core Values

compassPERFORMANCE: We strive to exceed all expectations. We combine innovative collection tools, strategy, and performance metrics with unassailable processes and our well trained, disciplined and engaged staff to provide the highest levels of performance for our clients.

INTEGRITY: Our business is based on always doing the right thing. We strive to cultivate mutually profitable, long lasting relationships and trust with our clients. We have an outstanding reputation within our industry. Our clients and their customers are treated with the highest level of respect and courtesy. The best interest of our client is always at heart.

COMMITMENT: We are committed to delivering superior performance while ensuring strict compliance with all applicable law, regulation and client requirements. Our clients, their customers, our employees team members and always protecting both our brand and our clients’ brand, remain our priority.

AGILITY: We pride ourselves in adapting to rapid change, whether it’s a client request or a market or regulatory change. Our responsiveness is unparalleled. When dealing with our clients there is always a sense of urgency in responding to their needs.

COMMUNITY: We do our best to support society and the diverse communities in which we live.

Five Lakes Customer Covenant

We pledge to serve every customer with the highest levels of respect, courtesy, fairness and gratitude delivered with unparalleled responsiveness, expertise and accuracy. We want to create lasting relationships and we will treat all our customers like we want to be treated. We will offer best in class service and products delivered by caring team members who take ownership of customer issues and go above and beyond.

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