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Our Mission: To be the finest partner in the accounts receivable management industry providing the highest levels of integrity, performance and compliance.

Our Services

Our leadership team has over 80 years’ experience in all aspects of revenue cycle management including auto, credit cards, credit unions, mortgage loans, sales finance, student loans, medical and specialty account management. Our team has managed bankrupt and deceased accounts for some of the largest creditors in the industry.

Five Lakes offers collections for consumer loans including auto, credit cards, mortgage loans, sales finance, student loans and medical debt in all stages of delinquency or charge off.

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Bankruptcy Management
Five Lakes provides end to end servicing and management of bankruptcy accounts both secured and unsecured.

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Five Lakes can provide end to end servicing and management of deceased accounts both secured and unsecured.

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We pledge to serve every customer with the highest levels of respect, courtesy, fairness and gratitude delivered with unparalleled responsiveness, expertise and accuracy.

Five Lakes Agency is a national full service accounts receivable management company that utilizes collaboration with our clients to develop customized collection and account management strategies to deliver exceptional performance, service and quality. We are committed to delivering unassailable processes and innovative performance management. Five Lakes provides a range of services across the receivables management spectrum from early out to legal or bankruptcy and deceased.

Five Lakes’ core competencies include:

Collections in all stages for auto loans, credit cards, lease and rentals, installment loans;

Pre-legal and non-performing judgment collections; and

End-to-end bankruptcy account management including case management, filing proofs of claim, responding to objections, reaffirmations, and pending and dismissed bankruptcy collections.

In addition, the agency performs very complex collections, lien negotiations, dismissed bankruptcy collections and bankruptcy processing for mortgage loans for one of the largest banks in the country.

Five Lakes Advantage:

Our Board of Directors is actively involved in the development and administration of the Five Lakes’ compliance management system that;

ensures compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations and

addresses and prevents associated risks of harm to consumers

Our policies and procedures implement Board direction, are systematically reviewed and updated, include appropriate monitoring and control mechanisms.

Five Lakes’ extensive training program includes quarterly regulatory compliance training and certification for each team member which is essential to an effective compliance program. All training is appropriate to job function. Changes to policies and procedures are systematically distributed immediately by job function which requires team member acknowledgement and sign off and may include testing/certification.

Our compliance system is monitored by our Chief Compliance Officer and our Quality Assurance and Compliance Audit staff. This includes internal audits, call and process monitoring, completion of individual scorecards and due diligence and continuous assessment of all third party service providers.

Five Lakes’ is dedicated to delivering superior performance to our clients. We collaborate with our clients to develop scoring, segmentation and strategies to deliver optimal performance. We also utilize innovative performance metrics appropriate to the clients’ portfolios.

All team members receive monthly scorecards on performance which includes customer experience for customer contact team members.

Five Lakes’ offers incentive programs for team members which include a monthly bonus program. Team members who qualify for performance bonuses must also have very high scores on compliance and customer experience to receive the bonus.

Five Lakes’ is committed to always providing a superior customer experience to our clients and their customers and meeting or exceeding all client expectations, requirements, specifications and service levels.

When dealing with our clients there is always a sense of urgency in responding to their needs. We pride ourselves in being very nimble in adapting to client request, a consumer complaint, or a market or regulatory change.

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We want to create lasting relationships and we will treat all our customers like we want to be treated.
We will offer best in class service and products delivered by caring team members who take ownership of customer issues and go above and beyond.



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